Project-space “White Sphere” 

Ukrainian designers at Paris Design Week 2019 

The “White Sphere” space is a place for generation of novelty, nurtured by the association of future, present and tradition. New objects acquire a new expression, transforming themselves and starting from scratch, “reading” dreams about an unknown future and resuming the narration of forgotten antique tales. In the same way white contains all the colors of the rainbow, participants of the “White Sphere”, young Ukrainian designers, have created brilliant and various samples from a new original material – the “Ukrainian thinking”.

With “White Sphere” they fill a new page of the Atlas of knowledges about a territory, rich of tradition, savoir-faire and dream. It is a space and a territory, a geography and a definition, but above all it is a consciousness. That of the creativity and culture of today’s young Ukrainian designers, who experiment with forms and balance them with sense, mixing literal and ambiguous representations.

Here you will meet new forms of art and design, displaying a pragmatically measured and balanced approach, playful versatility, and mobility across time and space, from Ukrainian baroque to futurist minimalism. They catch at a breathtaking speed the signals issued by nature, fashion, people, that mix together.

The “White Sphere” space presents furniture, ceramics, sculptures, lamps, décor items, fashion accessories and collections of conceptual apparel. Participants of the Ukrainian stand at this year’s edition of Paris Design Week are Inna Zimina, David Berezhniak, Michael Samoriz, Oksana et Maryan Shumelda, Artem Kunytsia, Ivanka Borodina, Diana Kulyk, Valeria Vari, Yurii Cegla, Olga Selischeva et Polina Veller.

Five projects among those participating benefitted for their participation to this event of a grant from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) – Inna Zimina with her concept of make-up stand Sofi, David Berezhniak with is concept of furniture garniture Miracle de la vie, Michael Samoriz with a lamp made using an antique Ukrainian technique of carving Hutsul Carving Chandelier, Oksana and Maryan Shumelda with their concept of modular bench Vereteno, and Artem Kunytsia with his collection of marble lamps.


Winning projects were selected on the basis of a contest judged by an international jury. The selection for this year’s edition was made by : Faïna Erenburg, founder of Ukrainian brand Davis Casa and advocate of good taste in design; Didier Margueritte, interior designer, president of the European Association of Designers and Decor Architects ; Vincent Roméo, founder of cult design blog Blog Esprit Design ; Jo Yana, founder of the most stylish among European design blogs ; Oleksiy Iskos, designer and founder of studio Iskos-Berlin ; Konstantin Kovshevatskiy, chief editor of Pragmatika magazine et enlightened connoisseur of creative expression with a pragmatical view on design ; Anastasiia Biletska, creative director at Maïno Design Ukraine.


The project is supported by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and funded within the frame of the European Union’s EU4Business initiative.