Ukrainian design will be shown simultaneously in Kyiv and Paris

Research & Realization agency MAINO DESIGN UKRAINE together with Kooperativ will present a new format for holding exhibitions of product design. The works of 10 Ukrainian producers will be shown in two realities simultaneously: physical and virtual.

Thus, a physical exhibition of product design will be held in Kyiv at the new creative space KOOPERATIV from 5 till 19 September, and in parallel from 4 till 18 September the same exhibition will be shown at the Digital Fair of the Paris exhibition Maison et Objet. A virtual tour of the Kyiv exhibition and virtual showrooms with the possibility of sales will be available to professionals from all over the world, and for the first time, Ukrainians will see live what is usually exhibited in Paris.

As a reminder: MAINO agency, within the framework of the UKRAINIAN DESIGN BRANDS project, for the third year in a row represents Ukrainian brands to the world audience at exhibitions in Paris.

“We do not want to lose the pace of creative export and stop development. For the project, this means not missing a single Maison et Objet exhibition. This time, we are presenting a dozen of brands that are already well-known and young. And an additional reality means additional opportunities”, says Sana Shevchenko, Director of Maino Design.

The exhibition in Kyiv and Paris (digital) will feature designer furniture for a home office, parents and children, outdoor, ceramics, art objects, and carpets. Among the participants: Art & Design by Kristina Gaidamaka, KASSONE individual furniture, Container design studio, miracle2people, Sleep.Onnn, GOMINGIR, ZEGEN, GORN, RDWOOD, and FFFACE with two brands Waone Interesni Kazki and Neutrum.

The project will gather around itself not only a professional audience but also a wide range of business-oriented and cultural community that is interested in the development of the country’s economy.

“In a situation «when we live the history», we have a unique chance to offer adaptation and a new solution for the new realities of life and doing business. The design sector, as a component of creative industries, is one of the most potentially promising areas of the economy in the future. Our job is to contribute transformation of Ukrainian creative potential into a full-fledged economic resource” comments the curator of the Ukrainian Design Brands project Anastasiia Biletska, creative director of Maino Design.

On September 19, within the framework of the project, the Forum “Creativity for Export” will be held. A special guest of the event, the commercial director of the Maison et Objet salon, Guillaume Prot (Paris), will talk about the export prospects of Ukrainian design in Europe and the world, and Ukrainian designers, export managers, and brands will talk about their own export cases.


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12 Ukrainian brands: well-known and new players on the market.

Art & Design by Kristina Gaidamaka

Kristina Gaidamaka is a famous Ukrainian artist and designer, founded her brand in the branch of textile design Art & Design by Kristina Gaidamaka in 2016.

“When design meets art, it turns ordinary into extraordinary” is probably the best description. Each object of the brand seems to invite you to the game: to understand the symbols and solve the codes.

At the exhibition, the brand presents rug “Forest Island” from the “Islands” collection. The “Islands” collection was conceived as a dream of “escape” to your private island. It is a symbol of travel and refuge at the same time to be at home and not lose travel colors. And today, it is more relevant than ever. Who would have known that we would dream of traveling in a new way, feel the colors in a new way, and live on our small islands in a new way?

Each rug is made by hand from natural wool and viscose using tufting technique. The “Islands” collection is in tune with the current Urban Ethno trend. The artist transforms traditional Ukrainian symbols, pictures of flowers, and birds into a modern image, decomposing the image into digital pixels. The collection was first presented in Paris at the Maison & Objet showroom in January 2020.

miracle2people. Designer David Berezhniak

Kyiv studio for developing unique furniture and object design miracle2people was founded in 2019 by David Berezhniak.

The studio history begins with the collection Miracle de la Vie, presented at Paris Design Week. In 2020, the studio started cooperating with Kassone Furniture Workshop, which gave a new creative impetus for its further development.

David Berezhniak is an object designer and technical expert in producing author and designer furniture, a master in the production of artistic wooden products and decorative and artistic woodworking. David is a practitioner and developer of technological solutions for metal and wood processing, a supporter of economic production without overspending and environmentally friendly production technologies.

The exhibition will feature an Excentrique TV cabinet and a La Vie chest of drawers from the Miracle de la Vie / Wonderful Life collection. It perfectly combines aesthetics and thoughtful functionality down to the smallest detail.

Such furniture will appeal to creative young families with children and pets and add an exciting accent to public spaces. The magic of an effortless combination of items in the collection proves no restrictions on creativity. Furniture can be moved indefinitely, creating new exciting solutions.

Kids furniture group | Sleep.Onnn

Sleep.Onnn children’s furniture design studio was founded as a subsidiary of Kids Furniture Group, operating in the market for over 12 years. It is both an importer of European brands for newborns and the founder of its own: Atelier LILU, DRIMAi, and Sleep.Onnn.

Serial children’s furniture set Sleep.Onnn, designed by Yevhen Litvinenko, has a full-fledged furniture line for both small and adult kids. It was also a participant of the Maison & Objet 2019.

At the Total Presence exhibition, the studio will present a new product the Sleep.Onnn Loft bed. It is the story of a child’s dream of a cozy attic: a place of strength and inspiration, a safe hiding place of secrets, and cherished dreams. The bed frame is made of natural wood and implemented in five body colors using Austrian water-based paint and Italian waterproof fabric on the sides and percale Camillatex.

Container design studio

The Container design studio was founded in 2015 in Kharkiv by designer Yevhen Puklich. The focus of the design office is the object and industrial design, architectural and interior objects. The team tries to create practical things, but at the same time they give emotional pleasure and inspiration.

We know that good and thoughtful design in production costs almost the same as a bad one. That is why we pay a lot of attention to our items details and quality with strict internal selection: to do or not to do”, says Yevhen Puklich.

At the exhibition, Container design studio presents items from two new collections: a chair from the new collection Gravitation, and a famous rack and bench Сontain air.

The Gravity collection is about the fundamental interaction between humans, objects and the environment. It is human nature to forget about simple joys. With this collection, designers seek to remind of the power that makes people walk the earth. In today’s circumstances and the transience of life, it is important to stop, think, and occasionally let go. That is why the first item in this series was a chair.

The conceptual basis of the Сontain air collection is the principle of “breathable furniture”. The only formative element of the whole line of furniture is a pipe. All fixed and moving parts, connections are also made of pipe. Assembling a point to a point, we build lines, producing a dots system: classic dot and linear raster. Chair from the new collection will be presented at the Paris Digital Fair.

GOMINGIR designed by Samoriz

The focus of the brand, founded in 2019 after successful participation in Paris Design Week, is Carpathian symbolism and ethnic minimalism, generalization, and rethinking ancient symbols and crafts.

Each object of the studio is an example of a synthesis of the traditional and modern worldview, which wonderfully relays cultural heritage aesthetics in contemporary items in terms of design and function.

«Listen and feel your roots, mountains, spruces, streams, and rivers. Be relevant, and do not lose yourself. That’s how I live and work» says Mykhailo Samoriz, an industrial designer and the brand’s creative director.

Mykhailo works as a creative director of SAMORIZ design studio. The studio has participated in many competitions and exhibitions: Paris Design Week (2019), Salone Satellite Moscow (2011-2012). The studio’s works are regularly published in international design publications: Dezeen, Designboom, Designmilk, Yanko-design.

The exhibition presents two items from the new GONT collection, as well as a Vatra hanger. The author was inspired to create the GONT collection by a traditional roofing material ”wood shingles” wedge-shaped boards or staves of a figured form. It is widely used in Ukrainian architecture for roofing. Each item is made in black and white using modern technologies of powder coating of stainless metal and handmade.

GORN Ceramics

GORN Ceramics was founded in 2018 in Kyiv by ceramist artist Yuriy Myrko and art director Bogdan Kryvosheya. Through ceramics, GORN endeavors to convey a sense of essence and spontaneous perfection.

Yuriy Myrko is an artist-ceramist, born in the city of Opishnya, Poltava region, known as the “ceramics’ capital” of Ukraine. After school, Yuriy studied and worked at an art ceramics factory for one year. He graduated from Poltava National Technical University in the field of “Fine Arts and Crafts”. After University, he started his own workshop in Opishnya.

For me, clay is a material that makes you alive. I know every ceramic technique, but I always feel my co-authorship with the material, it’s a joint process of creation, says the artist.

Bogdan Kryvosheya also shared his views: Ceramics for me implies pure spiritualism. Gorn is a project that is dynamically developing into new directions and paths. We create what we cherish aesthetically, conceptually, energetically, and what we think is important.

Bogdan graduated from the Queen Mary University of London, with a degree of Business Management. In parallel with his education, Bogdan was involved in fashion and design projects.

“Temples” is a collaborative project between GORN Ceramics and Darya Koltsova, a famous Ukrainian artist and curator. The author of installations, sculptures, graphics, and videos that was nominated for the PinchukArtPrize in 2015, which is the major Ukrainian award in contemporary art. In 2017, she became a Gaude Polonia scholar from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

Temples is a project about universal questions of form and content, man’s place in the world, and the special state of man, which gives him the opportunity to feel part of something much bigger and see the beauty. The beauty of everyday life, which requires a specific vision and perception of what is observed.

The “Temples” is a series of large-scale hand-made ceramic sculptures. The exterior of each sculpture leaves millions of the creators’ fingerprints, as a documentation of his unique “dance” with the surface.

Sculptures reflect an artistic thought of a humans’ place in the world, about the relationships and connections between everything. Isn’t it time to shift our focus from man as the centre of the world, to the planet as a whole, in which humans are only part of the large ecosystem?. As artists questioned and began searching for a metalanguage to communicate the message to the viewer in its original form.

FFFACE & Neutrum & Waone Interesni Kazki

FFFACE is a studio founded by Dmitry Kornilov and Yegor Kumachev. They are a Ukrainian team of creators, 3D-designers, java-script, and Unity-developers, which creates content in Augmented Reality and 3D for brands from Europe, the USA, and Central Asia.

The studio’s projects help to innovatively visualize brand products and strengthen communication with the audience on social networks. In the last year alone, the studio has created more than 150 AR projects for brands such as Pepsi, Visa, L’Oreal, Bosch, Bacardi, Toyota, Borjomi, Durex, and others, generating more than 300 million online contacts and more than 50 million branded content from users.

When it comes to design, Augmented Reality becomes the primary tool for communication and promotion of innovative products. At the exhibition, the company will demonstrate these opportunities through the works for artist Waone Interesni Kazki and furniture brand Neutrum. All the items will be present both physically and virtually, thanks to iPads that will display the objects in the Augmented Reality on an empty pedestal; it also can be tried at home, on the street, etc.

The Neutrum brand is a universe of household items created on a blank sheet of paper.

“Our squared sheet of paper, 5×5 centimeters. All our items are created within this modular grid. There are very different items: it can be a table, a house, a cup, a bottle of wine, a vehicle. But we begin to create it from seven simple things. We use them every day and think we know everything about them. A desktop. A chair to sit behind it. A shelf to store books. A chest of drawers to store drawings. A bench and a coffee table to sit down and stop for a moment. A large table for meetings and ping-pong games”, says designer Volodymyr Veshtak.

Volodymyr Manzhos, better known as Waone Interesni Kazki, is a Ukrainian painter, ceramist, and sculptor. You will always recognize his large-scale surreal murals, which are scattered around the world. After studying anatomy, Vladimir returned to his old hobby clay sculptures, creating a series of sculpted ceramics, Ear Vase, presented at the exhibition.


What is more important: beauty or functionality, creativity or technology, form or content? The best designers in the world have been looking for answers to these questions for years. But today an exceptional understanding of design is emerging, where you do not need to choose… where the meaning is accurately conveyed by the formula “1 + 1 ≠ 2 ”. No matter how many elements there are, only their unity can create new meanings for a unique quality of human life. When it comes not only to the basic needs for comfort but also to the desire to enjoy the beautiful, develop intelligence, gain new spiritual experience, and know yourself. These postulates underlie the ideology of ZEGEN.

The company’s corporate identity is the aesthetics of eco-minimalism with a well-thought-out logic of each subject. ZEGEN furniture not only transforms the interior of the house but also declares a new way of life, where the central values are awareness, intelligence, culture, and personality.

“This idea inspired us to develop intelligent design 12 years ago. Following its principles, we managed to create unique furniture for conscious people. For those who understand and therefore are looking for something more than just a good and practical product”, says Pavlo Kovtun, the company’s founder.

At the exhibition, the company presents a desk from the DUOO collection by designer Andriy Mohyla, a GRID commode, and an OM chair by Pavlo Vetrov.

The DUOO desk is a laconic design, balance of all lines, and thoughtfulness of functionality, which together create an ideal working island. The absence of unnecessary details seems to encourage concentration and balance, which are necessary for comfortable work, especially for remote work.

The GRID collection is a successfully implemented concept of the furniture collection from the famous Ukrainian designer Pavlo Vetrov, who received the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award in 2016.

“The collection is created in the spirit of modern trends in the world of design, which dictates the balance between simplicity of form and functionality”, says Pavlo Vetrov. Despite its small size, the model stands out in its capacity. The presence of 4 compartments allows you to organize the storage in perfect order. The facade is made of veneer sheets, which is a guarantee of durability and strength. The model’s elegant appearance corresponds to the vision of contemporary designer furniture, which aims to combine practicality with the aesthetics of forms.

The OM chair is designed in the style of constructivism, with clear and direct borders. Practical to use, suitable for both home comfort and office interiors.


The concept of ORGANiC collection is the integration of living organisms into a functional item, which involves a dialogue with the outside world through the incorporation of living plants. The ORGANiC collection is an expression and dynamics of natural wood’s real texture enclosed in strict forms of object geometry. The universal visual-aesthetic code allows the furniture to easily integrate into any environment without losing its individuality and demonstrating each item’s expressive nature in the collection.

RDWOOD (ex. Family Tree) has been a furniture manufacturer since 2012. Its main direction is working with natural solid wood. In collaboration with Ukrainian designers, the company has created more than 50 items of modern, high-quality wooden furniture. The essential expertise and strength of the company is the longstanding experience in furnishing residential and commercial interiors.

The exhibition presents a new collection created in collaboration with one of the flagships of modern Ukrainian design, Yuriy Ryntovt and his office, RYNTOVT DESIGN.

For almost 30 years, RYNTOVT DESIGN has demonstrated a sustainable holistic approach and a complete cycle for creating contemporary public and private spaces, and objects. Its philosophy is based on the principles of an ethical approach to subject design, interior and architecture, taking into account the existing context: ecology, society, traditions, economy.

Kassone Individual Furniture

For over 10 years, Kassone Individual Furniture has been manufacturing custom-made furniture of any complexity. And last year a new one started the company presented the author’s collection of furniture, Break Free.

“I am sure that furniture can be created not only for functions, design but also for emotions. I wanted to convey emotion. And we were so fascinated by the creative process that we accomplished much more than we could have imagined in the beginning”, excitedly says Andriy Rudenko, co-owner of Kassone.

At the exhibition, the company will present a bar cabinet from the BreakFree collection, its epicenter. It can be modified from a bar to a wardrobe. Because of the original BreakFree mirror technology, this accent interior object becomes a visual and emotional breakthrough into another dimension. In combination with a material that visually and tactilely mimics the natural texture of broken concrete or stone, the optical effect of mirrors makes a strong emotional impression. Asymmetrical elements of the facades resemble fragments of geological rocks or pieces of Martian landscapes, and holographic mirrors entice “cross the border” of the conditional emotional portal.