Art & Design by Kristina Gaidamaka

The brand creates household items filled with artistic meaning, the interaction with which gives a vivid emotional experience. Each object seems to invite to play, evokes interest to understand the characters and solve the codes.

Kristina Gaidamaka is an artist by profession and by calling. She descends from a dynasty of prominent Ukrainian monumental artists. Many years of experience in the field of fine arts, constant participation in national and international exhibitions and the creation of personal art projects formed a recognizable style of the author, which is also reflected in interior and textile design. The artist founded her own brand of art design and decor in 2016. “When design meets art, the ordinary becomes extraordinary,” says Kristina. But she convinces the existence of this miracle with her items.

Atelier Lilu

Atelier Lilu is a brand that for almost 10 years is the leader of the Ukrainian market of children’s furniture of premium segment. The company preserves the traditions of handmade individual furniture. “It’s easy for us to make good furniture. After all, we grow our skills just as we grow our children. We pay attention to details, controlling production processes, without restricting the freedom of the creative process, using new services, for customers and designers. We use only the author’s design of objects, presenting “classic” forms and silhouettes in a modern form”, Valentina Vasilieva, the founder of the brand, says.

In its design laboratory, the Atelier Lilu team creates extraordinary and vibrant interior features in collaboration with leading Ukrainian designers. JOKE ottomans, designed by Olga Fradina, arose from this collaboration.


innazimina is a new Ukrainian brand that creates items with a distinct character and elegant image. At Maison & Objet exhibition, the company will present a Sofi boudoir table with built-in speaker system. “The SOFI table is poetic, sophisticated and self-centered, as if flirting and provoking you”, Inna Zimina, founder of the brand, designer, believes.


Conférma is a young Ukrainian brand that creates things in the style of modern classics. Conférma furniture and lamps are made of precious materials: natural wood, stone, copper, brass, steel, high quality designer fabrics. More than half of the process of each item is made by hand. “Conferma furniture is a product of emotional intelligence. It confirms the status and taste of their owner every day for many years”, Valeria Vari, founder, designer, describes the concept of her brand.

DONNA Furniture Design Studio

DONNA Furniture Design Studio is a family-run business founded in 2007. The key profile of the design studio is furniture manufacturing for the interior design implementation of private and corporate customers. In 2012, DONNA design studio has added one more furniture production direction – the manufacturing of cushioned furniture and decorative components customized for Ukrainian designers


SleepOnnn is a fashionable and dynamic juvenile furniture.
The idea of safety self-dependent sleep of a kid is in the foreground of the brand concept. All parents experience common issues: How to get a kid excited to sleep alone? Children adore sleeping with parents, where coziness and comfort prevail. To teach a kid to get off to sleep alone is very difficult. We strived to create a perfect juvenile bed unlike any other. With this bed, a kid will desire to sleep alone!

Vahan Avakian

Vahan Avakian, the owner of the cognominal Vahan Avakian company, is a young Ukrainian architect by education and an artist by ideology. A flair for experiments, a desire to ring himself in with decorative, functional pieces of his own design and manufacturing resulted in the birth of his own brand. Since then Vahan Avakian company manufactures designer sculptures, vases, and lamps, making trailblazing experiments with bionic forms and modern material, such as polymers and concrete, by adding them an unexpected colouration and garmenting pieces in genuine materials like leather and textile. Ingenious forms of these pieces pose a challenge to objects d’art in the race for its presence expression in interiors and become recognizable in its trademark manner at short notice.

Goloob Design Bureau

This Ukrainian company is distinguished by its modern and refined design, opening new expressive possibilities for traditional materials — faience, porcelain and wood. The brand follows the Slow Design concept and emphasizes the beauty and importance of everyday things. Goloob Design Bureau not only creates objects but fills every thing with an emotional sense. This can be felt by touching the rough surface of a round lamp, taking a mirror into your hands or by clicking a few times a ceramic switch. Goloob items embody a sensory experience of interacting with the world.


«WE ART THE WORLD!» — this is the slogan of the famous modern Ukrainian design and architecture workshop SERGEY MAKHNO ARCHITECTS, which successfully works in three areas: interior design, architecture, and product design. In 15 years, the studio has implemented almost 600 projects in 16 countries. SERGEY MAKHNO ARCHITECTS has a distinct and recognizable style, which its founder, Sergey Makhno, the architect, calls Ukrainian Contemporary, masterfully combining minimalism, art, Ukrainian traditions and Japa- nese wabi-sabi philosophy. Last year the studio opened its own ceramic production and is now exploring possibilities of this material in unexpected and new surprising directions for design thinking. Sergey Makhno also has founded Sergey Makhno Gallery, the first Ukrainian product design gallery.

The works of SERGEY MAKHNO ARCHITECTS have been honored with prestigious international awards: Red Dot Design Award, The International Property Awards, SBID.


«Among all the variety of materials available we chose ashwood and soft leather for this collection. After all, they are best able to add a «sense of touch» and emotionality, it would seem, to purely functional ‘business’ things. With our furniture we try to add a real pleasure to the user’s work process and experience. It is important that great attention is given in particular to the surfaces so they are pleasant to touch. We achieved this remarkable result with ‘home office’ thanks to the talent of Sergey Gotvyansky, Kateryna Sokolova, Julia Kononenko, Alexey Haro. Each item combines a function, aesthetics and sense of touch. That is why the brand does not create objects but atmosphere, and customers do not buy furniture but real design items»,Galyna Proskurina, MZPA Project Manager, says.

The Ukrainian furniture brand, which began with individual pieces, now develops complete collections in cooperation with designers and architects. Most items from the new collection will be presented for the first time at the Maison&Objet exhibition in Paris in January 2019.

Next Level Lighting (NLL) (designed by Artem Koliuka)

Next Level Lighting (NLL) light company is located in the west of Ukraine and continues the tradition of high-quality wood processing for the production of unique light fixtures. For four years, the studio, which was founded by Artem Kolyuka and Mykola Savin, has specialized in chandeliers and premium wooden decoration.

Since 2014 NLL products have been popular not only among designers and architectural studios, but with admirers of interesting and qualitative things from North America, Europe and the Middle East.


The main areas of activity of QUALITA company are the manufacture of furniture, doors, windows, stairs, and other interior and exterior elements. The variability and flexibility of the solutions allows customers to implement complex, non-standard projects within a single company. It also greatly facilitates the process of approval and integration of all products in the living space. In-house production by the company allows them to embody the most challenging ideas, filling the house with unique interior details. In the manufacture of products, only certified materials and components are used that guarantee the safety and environmental friendliness of the final product. This is especially important for families with small children and in general all people who value a high standard of living.


NOOM is the place where design meets art. NOOM was established in 2017 by an experienced industrial designer Kateryna Sokolova, together with the designer and successful businessman Arkadiy Vartanov, who has 10 years of experience and his own production facility, Postformula Craft, which is specialized, in particular, in working with metal. «Almost all of our products are made of metal; we create them through a combination of traditional and modern technology, involving a lot of hard manual labor. All products are manufactured in-house, which allows monitoring the entire production process and paying attention to every detail,» says Kateryna Sokolova. Thanks to the experts in chemistry, working at the oxidation of metal and patina, NOOM manages to modify the unique new effects and colors for limited products.

Yalanzhi Objects

Designer Yulia Yalanzhi, the founder of Yalanzhi Objects, came to the design from art, and in many art projects, the author never neglected the interior decoration and utility. «My activity is always at the crossroads of design and art, so the art projects were logically transformed into design,» says Yulia Yalanzhi. The collection history began in 2017 in Odessa, when Yulia’s spectacular art project, «Cell Practice», based on the papier-mâché technique, was presented. The main protagonist of the installation is a «cell mass», formed from the segments similar to the honeycomb cells or living matter, growing and moving from one space to another. The project sculptural forms inspired the artist to use their physical properties (lightness, environmentally friendly material) and create the lighting units.

Ryntovt design studio (Kharkiv)

One of the first studios of industrial design in Ukraine, which has been specialized in eco-design, the favorite design of the studio founder, Yuriy Ryntovt, for almost 25 years.

The material for the items often is solid wood, a demanding and unpredictable material. It creates all the magic; the natural pattern on tree sections is selected for each item and composition so as to get certain visual streams, slowly «flowing» down the surface. «Work as you whisper» is the credo of Yuriy Ryntovt, the contemporary classic of Ukrainian design. Ryntovt Design implements its well-thought ideas at its own production facility, where each stage of the process is monitored closely.


Zegen products combine the functionality and practicality with aesthetics of proper and clear forms. Manufacture of veneer furniture is the focus of the company. Modern equipment, new technologies and cooperation with Ukrainian designers provide the uniqueness and quality to each item.

Brand grid/ (Lviv)

Interior items for people, who like things with character. grid/ is a brand of furniture and lighting, the conceptual and aesthetic basis of which is a metal grid, a strict, but beautiful design, used as a foundation for a power transmission line. These monumental industrial figures are a routine part of our modern landscape, so customary, that sometimes we don’t even notice them, enjoying the scenery. Maybe, in a couple of decades, these characters of industrialization era will disappear from the landscapes of the countries, ultimately switching to the other clean and renewable energy.