Kostiantyn Kofta. Founder of KOFTA brand – is the designer who not just create accessories. Despite the fact that man has historically used leather for thousands of years, it is Kostiantyn Kofta who discovered extraordinary opportunities in this material. The designer creates each thing in a single copy and transmits the idea of individuality. “We are created so different in shapes, colors, worldview not to wear the same exact clothes” – consider Kostiantyn. Special leather-tanning process provides the opportunity to the designer to achieve incredible results. From the effect of wood, rusting metal to the reliefs of baroque – thanks to such reality, Konstiantyn’s products are more like piece of art than accessories.
Yuriy Ryntovt is a Kharkiv architect, who is one of the first to work in the currently pop- ular area of «ecodesign». In Yuriy’s projects, the design is naturally and organically «cluttered» by the elements of nature.
Awards: project “IN PRACTICE” in BIENNALE ARCHITETTURE 2016 in Venice | winner from Ukraine; SALON DESIGN AWARDS | residential interior | 1-st place | Kiev, Ukraine; WAN 2012 | «Hotel of the year» | Longlist, 2012; Biennale of architecture «Under the roof of your home…» | Grand Prix | 2012, Moscow; Biennale of architecture «Under the roof of your home…» | «object in the interior» | 1-st place, 2012, Moscow; Vodoparad | «Exhibition Hit» | Grand Prix, 2012, Kharkiv; «SIE SELECTION» | «Wood» | 2nd place, | Italy, Bologna, 2012,; «ARCHI BAU AWARDS | ARCHI-EUROPE» | «Interior Design» | jury prize, | Germany, Munich, 2009.
Pavel Vetrov is the designer specialized in object design and having the experience of collaboration with famous brands, such as Lexus, Temahome, TwoSix, Zegen and many others. He has more than 70 awards, including the Red Dot Award, and the German Design Award. His works were published in Forbes, Elle, Vogue, Le Figaro publications, and he is a regular participant of Imm Cologne, Salone del Mobile Milano, London Design Fair and Paris Design Week exhibitions.
OLLLY desk, designed by Pavel Vetrov, is comfortable and elegant, ideally suited for everyday comfort. The desk has built-in slots for phones and tablets, as well as technical cutouts for easy placement of computer wires and charges. Small recessed compartments for stationery in the corners aesthetically complement the minimalist shapes of the desk.
Andriy Mohyla is the designer and founder of SITEK design studio. He is a co-founder of two design startups, “TheCase” and “Razom.” For more than a decade, he has been designing the residential and commercial interiors. He is the author of 250 implemented design objects. In all his works, Andriy Mohyla combines functionality and emotion. DUOO collection created by Andriy Mohyla. The designer was inspired by a pair of samurai swords daishō. Each collection item is strictly subordinated to the basic principles of minimalism, as a samurai code: no superfluous details, only those performing a certain function or emphasizing the style. For example, the ends of desks and coffee tables are reminiscent of the Japanese sword edge. The entire collection is riddled with the idea of duality, a combination of two elements in the item, a combination of veneer natural beauty and strength of metal. Open shelving by DUOO is a perfect solution for storage of everyday things or space zoning.
Kateryna Sokolova is ukrainian industrial designer was born in 1984 in Kharkiv. Kateryna works in different directions, furniture, light, electronics, decoration; she is the founder and creative director of NOOM brand and SOKOLOVA design studio.
Kateryna graduated from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, Industrial Design Faculty. She practiced at the German Design University «Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle». She is a participant and winner of many European design exhibitions and con- tests, the most significant of which was Red Dot Design Award 2015 year. From 2011 to 2017, she has been permanently cooperating with French company Jarre Technologies producing the designer audio equipment and electronics. The founder and the chief ideologue of the company is a well-known French musician Jean Michel Jarre. Kateryna cooperates with European and Asian brands and manufacturers. Her major customers are Ligne Roset, Jarre Technologies, Forestier, Bolia, and Palau.
Yuriy and Vitaliy Kyryliv/Hochu rayu. Hochu rayu is Ukrainian design bureau, founded by brothers Yuriy and Vitaliy Kyryliv together with Danuta Kril. The basic idea of the bureau is to create the microcosms, the coherent stories, revealing the uniqueness of the brand. The main areas of work are Space Design (architecture, landscape, interior objects and elements) with Communication Elements (graphic design, photos, video) and Product Design (furniture, equipment, gadgets, items). The works of Hochu rayu Design Bureau have repeatedly received recognition, both nationally and internationally, won the awards, such as A’design awards, Design and Design by Marc Praquin and London VM Christmas.
Yulya Yalanzhi. Ukrainian artist was born and works in Odessa. Having received technical degree at Odessa National Polytechnic University in 2005, she’d been working in design for several years. After decision to deal with traditional forms of visual art and design objective, Yulya obtained the second degree. By 2013, designer has been studying the painting at the Odessa Art Grekov College. Since 2009, she has been actively participating in exhibitions. In spring 2017, the world saw her project “Cell Practice.” A large-scale sculptural installation inspired the artist to create a series of lighting fixtures using the natural materials, such as paper, metal, stone, ceramics, and wood. All products are handmade. At the same time, Yulya Yalanzhi opened her own gallery, where she presents the works of art and design, and realizes educational projects.

Ihor Skrypnyk. Furniture and interior designer Ihor Skrypnyk is a co-founder of Brightmind Architects studio, among the main advantages of which – attention to details, tactile sensations, functionality and individuality. Ihor has been developing public and private spheres for 7 years, and has been working tirelessly to social projects and projects related to the development of the city and country. Despite main interior direction, he is constantly showing himself in other fields, for example, in object design.

Serhii and Oleksandr Lvov. “Levantin design” studio produce not only peculiar own branded interior design items, but also work in with Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers. The mission of the “Levantin design” is to show that despite the lack of support of extensive manufacturing, it is possible, after all, to implement even daring ideas in Ukraine, because people with unusual view of life need them. The “Levantin design” studio took part in Ukrainian and international exhibitions and received international prize CIRRINA: DESIGN AND DESIGN INTERNATIONAL AWARD: Book of the Year Vol. 10 2017, Paris, France and won the competition “Ukrainian design: The very best of 2013”. Studio’s works has been published in «Elle Decoration», «AD magazine», «Domus Design», «Салон», «Prima interior», «NM House», «Pink» and etc.

Velika Bogaiha ceramic design studio (Velyka Bogaiha) prefers just ornamental art in its creativity, creating original designer things for house. Basically, these are dishes and various interior décor elements. “We desire the thing to be lived, animated and inspired people in their common everyday routine. In fact, perfect design of everyday (just like) little things turns the process of use into something more conscious …”
The studio established in 2015 on enthusiasm of two creative persons trying to convey their view of life through the material. Techniques of ceramic processing used by the authors are ecological, ancient and quite rare in the present time. Among them are blackening, scalding, rubbing, milling. Ivan Ivasiuk and Marharyta Demianets will represent ceramic accessories made in blackening technique (smoking, smoke firing) at Paris Design Week. The represented collection includes combination of two materials: ceramic and wood. Wooden elements have a practical function (protecting hands from excessive heat) and decorative – as it’s an incredibly stylish combination, when two materials underlines inimitable textures of each other being so different: cold metallic iridescence of ceramic and warmth of wood!

Woolkrafts (Kyiv) brand in collaboration with Pavlo Vetrov, a three-fold winner of the most prestigious award in the field of industrial art Red Dot Awards, at PDW18 will present a series of rugs made of 100% Italian merino wool. Collection calls “MOODS”. When creating this work, the authors guided by watching humans, as everyone have different qualities. However, there are prevailing moods, so main of them were selected and embodied in rugs, as if it is a person being right here with you with own unique features. Namely, a rug “Naughty” – when you are in a playsome humor and you want some impudence. It’s playful and risky. The designer was inspired by portrait of Einstein for this rug creation and it perfectly shows this mood. The rug “Sensitive” – when you want to dream and devote yourself to the art. It is a creative nature loving to fantasize and dream, and what else always steers us to such condition, if not a rain. “Curious” rug – when you are waiting for new discoveries. It is researcher, traveler. The designer was inspired by a look out of an airplane window for creation of this rug. After all, every of us feel like a little discoverer flying to a new voyage.
Woolkraft brand has entered TOP-100 brands of Ukraine according to the FOCUS magazine (June 2018) and is famous for its cards with a map of Kyiv and collaboration with American illustrator Brendan Monrou, who is the author of drawings on main offices of Facebook, AirBnB in the Silicon Valley and other works. Every rug is always marked with “Proudly from Kyiv. Ukraine”.

Maistrenko studio of uniquely designed porcelain and ceramics – is a young Ukrainian brand, created by spouse of pottery designers Oleks and Olesia Maistrenko in 2013. The works of the studio reflects the worldview of the masters. Artistic value and function, expressive style and high quality, technology and inspiration by nature are harmoniously combined in every product. Highest possible personalization of a subject, exclusion of meaning “mass product”. Ceramics produced in limited edition or presented in a single quantities.
Well-known restaurateurs, designers and artists are among the customers of the studio. For example, a line of crockery and vases had been specially created for the art project of famous curator Pavlo Hudimov “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” that took place at “Mystetskyi Arsenal” (Kyiv city, Ukraine) in 2015. Tea-porcelain service “simple” was created by order of Lexus RX in 2017. At PDW18 Maistrenko Ceramics will represent series of cylindrical vessels “Drop”, the design of which originated from observing the geometry of nature; NEST/GNIZDO tea-set, the structure and geometry of which has been “borrowed” by the principle of birds’ nests construction; and a set for serving food consisting of two sets of dishes. All products are made of porcelain and some of them decorated with gold.

Anna Manakova – designer of items and space, student of Accademia Belle Arti di Ve-rona, artist and founder of Manako Design brand. Anna interprets design as materialization of the subconscious, all her works have such movement and energy, and deep aesthetic experience – is one of the major factors of successful product. “The way of idea starts from a point and line with further become a composition. The main thing is to quit hold of hands and listen to the heart. My receipt is to draw inspiration from natural first-sources, to create and listen to true you” – Anna tells. Furniture, lighting and ceramics are among the works of Manako Design. Anna works in “organic design” style, and her products have been recognized at competitions “Fondazione Aldo Morellato.Il mobile significativo 2015” and “Saef. Benessere Imresa 2016”.

Anna Hulpe – is a creative person with million ideas which she put into life under GUASH brand. GUASH – is a unique author’s jewelry and clothes, carrying philosophy of the present and created under the influence of modern world. “GUASH life started from creation of futuristic jewelry, which seemed to have come to us from distant planets, and subsequently, not less extravagant clothing jointed them. When I first demonstrated my jewelry to the wide audience, I saw how people perused them, but I could not date to wear them with my everyday clothes. So, I created clothes for jewelry. At the beginning, these were single-colored dresses with interesting fashion, made of natural fabrics, mostly black. Later there were author’s prints of handmade, embroidered on a rough fabric. Later, appeared handwork author’s prints, embroidered on a rough fabric. My cloth is for courageous creative people, for true art lovers. I am always looking for new unusual forms, I’m not afraid of experiments in the cut, using unusual fabrics and materials”. Guash-it’s art then can be wear

Kateryna Shmyhelska. Design studio of Kateryna Shmyhelska has been designing and decorating modern interiors for over 12 years, conducting author supervision and full realization of each object in Kyiv, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine and abroad. Chief designer – Kateryna Shmyhelska – considers her priorities: an individual approach to each client, sophisticated taste and special look creating a sense of comfort for the customer in projected environment. Kateryna has a great hand-on experience with foreign customers and she is constantly experimenting. All items developed by the studio are functional and decorative at the same time.