MAÏNO is a company wishing to offer to the European market a selection of design objects made in Ukraine.

MAÏNO is a new brand, created for everyone who looks for novelty and authenticity: people, wishing to create their own space at home, as well as professional designers and architects. You will find such features in our contemporary design objects originating from Ukraine.

MAÏNO’s objects express the best of Ukrainian designers’ creativeness in furniture, home decor, ceramics, table art, accessories, bed linen… These objects all have a function, but they also have the ambition to create an atmosphere where we do not just exist, where we experience the fullness of our lives.


Alexandre Starinsky

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Sana Shevchenko

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Director of Maïno Design Ukraine

Anastasiia Biletska

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Creative Director of Maïno Design Ukraine